'Rochester, City of Film'

Feature-length Documentary Film

Co-written and co-directed by Traolach


This feature is currently in post-production and will have its premiere at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival in February 2017. The documentary explores Rochester City's relationship with photgraphy, a relationship that has been shaped by the fortunes of the Kodak company. The story is told by a varied cast of the city's residents whose daily lives are, in one way or another, intertwined with photography. The project was conceived by the co-writer/co-director John Murphy and it is being produced by Black Sheep Productions




Short Fiction Film

Written, produced and directed by Traolach


'Kara' is a dark drama about a young woman seeking to exact revenge on her parents. The original script was rewritten to incorporate a supernatural element after the discovery of an unsettling 'VHS Creature' at an exhibition by design duo Harmless Creatures. The film was produced by GrandBoy.


The short has screened at festivals internationally and has won a number of awards including Best Film & Best Actress. 


Short Documentary Film

Directed, shot and edited by Traolach


'Gordie' tells the story of a Tlingit First Nations man coming to terms with the trauma of a devastating childhood event. 


The film was completed from start to finish in two days as part of a 48-hour filmmaking competition. It has collected numerous awards at festivals internationally including Best Film, Best Documentary and Best New Director.

'Luxy Land'

Short Documentary Film

Directed, shot and edited by Traolach


This short film was made over the course of one afternoon and explores a young mother's relationship with the digital world and how she views her place in it. Through her blog Luxy Land all of her life is shared. In the digital age, the line between private and public are blurred. 




Short Experimental Film

Written, directed and edited by Traolach


This project was funded by Filmbase as part of a competition to capture in a short film the essence of life in Dublin's cultural quarter. The film won first prize in the competition.  

'Somehow Yours Do'

Music Video

Written, directed, shot and edited by Traolach

This micro-budget music video was made for Irish electronic music producer Benny Smiles. Without a budget to hire crew or good camera equipment, the emphasis was put on the story. The video tells the story about first love and the awkward infatuation that comes with it. It was shot on an old DSLR camera.

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