'Changing Room'

Video Installations

Concept and Video Production by GrandBoy

We installed video installations in changing room areas in selected stores across Dublin City centre. The content of the videos was designed to encourage the user to explore the relationship between the ‘digital’ and ‘real’ worlds and the impact this relationship has on the human experience. The videos could be found and interacted with by gazing through a ‘peephole’ constructed inside the changing room.


The idea for ‘Changing Room’ originated from a thought about how a changing room is essentially a space where we make decisions on how we want to present ourselves to the rest of the world. As well as this a changing room is a personal private space in an intensely public setting; a space existing within another space. This project set out to highlight the parallels between this idea and the oftentimes uneasy relationship between the ‘digital’ and ‘real’ worlds. Notions of private and public lives are in constant evolution and the lines between the two are blurring at an ever increasing pace. ‘Online’ representations of people and their lives are carefully crafted and voyeurism is commonplace. Ideas of acceptability and ethics are being challenged and redefined. The internet is a complex and anarchic frontier territory with the power to exact very real change - for better or for worse - in the real world.

The project ran for fifteen days as part of the 2011 Dublin International Fringe Festival.

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